Azure Ray 'Waves' 7" [SOLD OUT]

Azure Ray 'Waves' 7" [SOLD OUT]


Waves is Azure Ray’s 8th studio release, and first new recordings in 6 years. Recorded over several sessions in Joshua Tree and Los Angeles, Waves was co-produced by Azure Ray and Louis Schefano, and mixed by Andy LeMaster. It is the first new Azure Ray release on Flower Moon Records, which also is now home to their self-titled debut and follow-up, Burn & Shiver.

Limited edition double A-side flexi 7” on opaque white (out of 250) includes “Palindrome” and “Last Summer in Omaha.” Full album download codes included in physical order shipments.


  1. Palindrome

  2. Last Summer in Omaha

  3. Nightswimming (R.E.M. cover)

  4. Hold On Love (2018)

  5. Palindrome (Reprise)

sold out
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