Taylor Hollingsworth "Tap Dancin' Daddy"

Taylor Hollingsworth "Tap Dancin' Daddy"

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Following the Mystic Valley Band’s recent reunion shows and a cover of his 2013 song “Dominos” on the critically acclaimed Better Oblivion Community Center album, Taylor Hollingsworth (Conor Oberst & the Mystic Valley Band, Dead Fingers, The Dexateens) has announced the release of his new LP, Tap Dancin’ Daddy, out August 2, 2019 on Flower Moon Records. TDD is his first solo release under his own name since 2011, and coincides with his west coast run with Better Oblivion Community Center this August. Pre-order include a limited run 7” single on colored vinyl, tour exclusive cassettes, and (for those that are familiar with Taylor’s on stage mannerisms) limited edition bobble heads.

CD/Cassette track listing:

  1. Devil In Me

  2. The Waiter

  3. Beginning of the Ending

  4. Tap Dancin’ Daddy

  5. I’m Still A Kid

  6. Lookin’ Like a Few

  7. Ava

  8. Mermaid Miracles

  9. Hop In!!!

  10. Back of the Line

  11. Simple Like You and Me

7” track listing (random color vinyl)

  1. Tap Dancin’ Daddy

  2. Mermaid Miracles

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