Taylor Hollingsworth Tells the Tale of "Tap Dancin' Daddy" (premiere)

Mystic Valley Band man Taylor Hollingsworth steps out for the first album under his own name since 2011. "Tap Dancin' Daddy" tells of the struggles of parenthood and the struggles of staying true to one's self. – Pop Matters

Taylor Hollingsworth - PRESS PHOTO 2.jpg

From Pop Matters:

There's something beautifully fragile in Hollingsworth's performance on a song that calls to mind a '70s solo record from former Rolling Stone Bill Wyman or the country colors of Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance. And though it's a contemporary song, not a throwback, there is something about Hollingsworth's sincerity and the familiarity of the tale he tells that makes this a tune for any time.

"Tap Dancin' Daddy" is the title tune from Taylor Hollingsworth's new LP, which arrives August 2nd via Flower Moon Records.

Pre-order the Tap Dancin Daddy / Mermaid Miracle 7” and full length bundles here.

ryan dwyer